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Metapolies™ Store on Etsy Currently Closed

The store on Etsy is currently closed. You are welcome to click on the store link above so you can be notified when it reopens. If you would like to ask a question, leave a comment, etc. please feel free to use the "Leave A Message" form on this site. I'll check my email periodically and reply. I'll also leave occasional updates on Facebook and my Blog. Links to those are on the top right of this screen. Many thanks for your support. ~Sharyl

Metapolies™ Banner & Icon Update

Etsy will be reformatting the layout of our stores effective April 5. To get ready for that event, I've redone my banner and store icon. You'll notice I didn't part with my colorful dots! All my current packaging and displays use this dot theme--and besides, I love it!

New banner.

What does "Metapolies™" mean?

It's a made-up word focusing on the two main types of beads and components I make:

METAl + POLymer clay = METAPOLIES!

I pronounce it:  "Meh-TOP-oh-leez." 

The ™ after the name means I've claimed the Trademark for the name.  Please do not use for your own store or products. Thank you!

Photo Gallery

Learn more about my one-of-a-kind jewelry and bead art, one photo at a time!

Sterling silver "matchstick" earring dangles--Something new, Spring 2015! Flat, funky poly beads in all the colors of the rainbow, earth, sky, water, and more! One-of-a-kind jewelry pieces designed by Sharyl.  Sharyl frequently uses her own metal components and beads in her jewelry creations.  She also uses other bead artists' , especially quality pottery and lampwork beads. Sample of darkened copper components. Earrings designed by Sharyl. Handmade metal charms, often used for earrings.  A variety of methods of coloring metals are used.  In this case, alcohol inks were used. Handmade copper bails used by designers for necklace pendants.   The metal has been handcut, filed, embossed, shaped, patinated, sealed, and trimmed with wire.  Similar bails by Sharyl have been published in leading jewelry magazines! Polymer clay pendants often involve painting with acrylics, curing several times in an oven, and sealing to protect the finish.   This one is ready for a designer to start creating a necklace! Embossed copper donut component can be used for focal part of necklace or clasp.  All carefully embossed, domed, antiqued and treated. Organic-shaped polymer clay beads each made by hand.   Often painted, cured several times, and sealed. Polymer pendants with coordinating beads for every-day and special holidays! Earrings from hammered wire, tumbled for sturdiness and smooth texture, and finished with handmade ear wires. Rustic-beaded bracelet using stacked memory wire  Czech picasso seed beads, and silk sari ribbon. In addition to cutting components from sheet metal, some raw brass stampings are altered to create unique metal components.